Wednesday, October 13, 2004

In the beginning

I go on internet fads.
From email, to newsgroups, to national news sources, to to international news sources, to blogs.
It was just a matter of time until I set up my own I guess. Reading blogs seemed kind of addictive. Kind of getting an inside into what other people are thinking, getting to read stuff from people that interest you or who test you or who inform you.
I like the internet, it lets me choose what I want to look at and listen to - reading peoples blogs lets you read things from people you choose to listen to rather than the cacophony of the real world and it is addictive.
I don't know why I set up my own blog...
Maybe so I can do something instead of writing essays, maybe to learn something off the people who read and reply, maybe to add something to the general discussion I see and hear going on around me, maybe people will read my thoughts.

I don't know about it all though. Once I write things here they are no longer mine. My thoughts become your consumption. I have no control over them. Many other bloggers have been smug with the news that the incredibly hard to read Derrida has come into existential oneness after his death. But he, along with many of the other French philosophers did have a point that words on a page are no longer mine, I cannot control them yet they signify me.
The writer is removed from the text, it flows out into the world to be read and interpreted as it will. This is scary and at the same time thrilling I guess.
Blogs are somewhat different and I wonder what the good philosopher would have thought.

My words
My thoughts
Given to you for your consumption
Taken away from me
(This is of course standard)
Yet you can comment on my thoughts
And I can comment on your comments
And someone else may join in
And so on and so forth.

Its a form of writing conversation that doesn't fit models found before and I think thats why its addictive...

Anyway enjoy my thoughts.


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