Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Blogging and the herd.

As I said in my first post I go on internet fads, and that blogging is one of those fads. Firstly as a avid reader and now as one putting finger to button. I don't know about this though, I am not one for following fads or herds. It feels as if there is a surge of new bloggers coming online of which I am one. You only need to go look at the many new bloggers archives - some of them stretch all the way back to October 2004.
I am one of these and I feel uncomfortable. As I said I don't like being in the herd. I like to think my clothing proves this. Most of the clothing I wear can be traced back to secondary school days. Craccum gave me runner up best dressed prize this year due to my favorite blue woolen - live under a cardboard box favorite old jumper I wear all the time. I don't care for worldy fashions as they are too fad-dy. I dress to cover and not to impress - sorry ladies. Anyway I digress...

I was at a 'do' this afternoon. It was put on by Russell Brown and was called publicaddress live. It was really good and had peformances by Lady 6, Ed Cake and members of the Brunettes. I saw lots of people I know and I won a bag of coffee. There were lots of thoughtfully dressed people there - you know the artist/intellectual/musician op-shop buyers, before buying from an op shop was fad-dy. I believe the key to buying from an op-shop is to purchase clothes that you may once have owned, not ones that you buy simply because you probably have never worn something like that before. Anyway I digress again...
Members of publicaddress answered questions from both blog readers and the crowd about their blogs, their reasons for blogging, why they blog - etc.
I asked whether they felt like they were preaching to the converted with their blogs and if so was that really a great use of time, or do they feel they are reaching out to a wider audience.

I think this is key for bloggers and to a further extent websites and the internet in general. Whilst there is an explosion of voices and information on the internet, viewers are able to specifically target their viewings to simply what interests them or their ideological persuasion. As you can see in with the type of comments that accompany American blogs, people read what they want to read and that's about it. The bigger blogs there are simply mouthpieces, there is no debate. This hasn't happened in NZ as I feel that the amount of people writing blogs has not reached a sufficient level for people who are interested in reading other peoples thoughts to simply stick to the blogs that they relate to. Hence you have people jumping from publicaddress to just left to David Farrar to no right turn to nzpundit to dog biting men to fighting talk and on and on. I would say that there is not yet a critical mass of the general NZ internet public interested in what random people have to say, the same type of people are writing the blogs as the people reading them. There is room for growth.

That is the challenge.

One has to find a niche I guess, to interest those people who may be visiting blogs for their first time and might just adorn you with a coveted bookmark. Sigh, maybe one day...

Anyway, the team on show at the publicaddress 'bloggers do' have just that. A niche, and the public are listening - something like 27000 emails out per week, and untold numbers viewing the site directly, or something like that. This is of course a triumph for the publicaddress team and good on them. However I wonder is the general public actually interested in the rest of the dial up speed blogs out there? (or clogs, a new word I learnt today) Who knows, guess time will tell. I do look forward to seeing other 'important blogs' emerging over time and feel there is room on New Zealand's internet for that to happen. Guess that whilst I am able to say that I am looking forward to NZ blogging becoming more important (if indeed that is an eventuality) then in some respects creating a blog in the knowledge that there is more to come means that it must still be early in the piece. Therefore I shouldn't worry that I am simply following a fad in setting one up at this early stage.

And now to find a niche...


  • Click! That was the sound of my mouse adding your blog to my bookmarks. It was fun your posts. Blog on!

    By Blogger Pixie La Roo, at 10:59 pm  

  • Why thank you Illusion. If I am right your profile seems to put you in Dubai. Please tell, how did you come by my little corner of the internet and why bookmark a blog with only a half dozen posts?
    Thanks again, I am flattered...

    By Blogger Constar, at 11:49 pm  

  • I got here through your NEXT button. You'll get dozens of people coming in that way. The trick is to getting them to stay for than 5 seconds. You'll already got two people who have commented (many people lurk around for ages before they speak up).

    By Blogger Pixie La Roo, at 1:55 am  

  • Why thank you Illusion. Lets hope you stick around for more fun:)

    By Blogger Constar, at 9:56 pm  

  • The "blogosphere" aye? What an awful name for something so insidiously infectious. There do seem to be an awful lot of ex or current student exec members doing the blog thing, and I'm no exception, AUSA represent!

    By Blogger GeorgeDarroch, at 1:24 pm  

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