Monday, November 29, 2004


The internet is the best cure for boredom one could hope for.

Why else would you be reading my blog???

Anyway to aid in the ticking away of the seconds of your life, try these websites:

The swear-o-tron, which is some bloke swearing.

Poke the penguin, which, like its namesake, involves poking a penguin.

Ask Snoop. This one is great. You just input some random website and it puts it into Snoop Doggy Dogs language.

For fun I tried it on the interesting anti-civil unions website

Snoop would translate the front page of the website into:

The Campaign against da Civil Union 'n Relationships bills believes New Zealanders should be warned that there is a clear pro-homosexual agenda aligned wit 'n underlying da current social engineering programme of da Labour Government (supported by da equally left-leaning Greens), which seeks destroy izzle Christian-based culture by making homosexual practices 'n lifestyle choice normative, mainstream 'n protected by “hate-speech” legislation."
Read mo' n' shit. ..
Bully Tactics by "Gay" paper against MPs in Civil Union debate
The Express Magazine (30 June-12 July 04), da major organ fo' da homosexual, lesbian 'n transgender communities, resorted desperate bully tactics in its efforts denigrate MPs who voted against sending da Civil Union Bill da Justice & Electoral Committee, know what I'm sayin'?
Read mo', know what I'm sayin'? ..
How did da MPs vote?
How did da MPs vote on da first reading of da Civil Union 'n Relationships Bills? Find out here n' shit.
Latest Breaking Informative Shiznit." ..

Ahhhhahhahaha - hours of fun.

Oh and for even more satisfying fun, try this. Email

Nothing really funny happens. Its just good to get the automatically generated Delivery Status Notification and know for sure that that woman and her crazy reasoning, illegal transactions and horrible haircut styles are finally gone...

Now pay that money back Donna!!


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