Saturday, November 06, 2004

Its all about the he says, she says...

This is what is going to happen about the John Tamihere affair (Its to hard to attach a gate to the end of Waipareira I guess)

Mud will keep flying, well actually the accusers will simply keep trying to smear the muck around.
The government will keep saying that it is under investigation and we should wait for the outcome of the inquiry.
Tamihere has fairly stepped down from cabinet responsibilities.
The investigation will report back on whether there were irregularities in his payment.

What is interesting is what may happen after that. I suspect it will clear JT of serious criminal irregularities. Focus will then shift to whether it was ethical to accept the payment. It was wrong to take the money and then not disclose it. He should have told the PM about it. However the payment was not a golden handshake, lets get that straight. Golden handshakes were reserved for the under performing public service bosses. John is simply not in the same categories as them and it seems he accepted the payment as part of his remuneration for turning the trust into a success. Questions will focus on whether he should have accepted the money. It seems as if he did so for family reasons and as the public comes to understand this I believe they will empathises with Tamihere. This means that his future will rest on the public’s response to his accepting the payment when he said that he wouldn’t. I suspect that the question will be asked and answered with the next general election. The right wing may not like it as they would rather a trial by media, but the public will be the ones to decide John’s fate. They will either forgive him for telling porkpies, believing that he probably needed the money for his families’ sake. Or they will take issue with his morals and vote him out of office.
I believe they will forgive this transgression, recognising the value in the man.


  • I think that if you want to make a career in politics, particularly in a nominally left-wing party, then you have to give up on the idea of making much personal wealth.

    Any kind of payments beyond a reasonable wage are always going to be perceived as dubious, even if they aren't.

    By Blogger Rich, at 11:25 am  

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