Sunday, November 28, 2004

What did she say? Oh who cares...

I arrived back into Auckland from holiday on Friday. Gutted.

T'was a nice trip away. I read an entire book. It was by a guy named Stephen Baxter and was part of a science-fiction series and is very interesting.

Anyway whilst I was away one of the traditions of the trip is to shoot up to the dairy every morning and buy the paper.

The thing that stuck in my mind about all the stories I read last week was from this one.

The story itself is not so surprising and consists of the confirmation that the National party will not be contesting the Maori seats. Obviously they didn't have a shit show in hell in even looking respectable in them and they have stated they opposed the seats in principle.

The most disgusting thing about Nationals announcement was this statement by Don Brash about Georgina te Heuheu's view on the subject.

He stated that she had been present in caucus for the discussion but Dr Brash said that "frankly I don't remember Georgina's view."

Excuse me?

Don Brash cannot remember his only true (Simich is identified in the article as having Maori heritage, but don't tell anyone) Maori candidates view on the scrapping of the Maori seats!!?!?! This is tragic and shows you just what is running through the head of the man that wishes to run the country. Lets hope that doesn't happen as you might see the leader *forgetting* the points of view of people or parties that may have a important view on the subject... Or at least didn't share his view.
That is frightening no matter what you think of the value of the Maori seats.

And on the matter of the Maori seats. I just don't think that National would be able to simply sign away the seats. Surely it would have to be a case of the people on the Maori roll deciding for themselves that the seats were not warranted and not simply decided by someone who forgets the views of important members of the caucus.
The Hikoi of this year will only be ten times bigger if Brash tires it on.
Again, the only way that National could legislate away the seats is if they got consensus from the people.

But hey, who cares when you simply get to play populism...


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