Monday, November 29, 2004

With enemies like these...

With enemies like these one almost feels like one need not bother with a pro-civil union campaign.

See this website for the Campaign against Civil Unions

Their historical press releases here and here and here and here and here and here and here

The Society for the Promotion of Community Standards press releases here and here
(Especially this one that mentions me by name!)

Then we have the fasting pastor who is fasting and praying that the civil union bill will fail its 2nd or 3rd reading. Oh and just to show that our parliament is truly a representative place, MP Paul Adams is also fasting and praying.

Hey, nothing fails like a prayer.

And then read this one from my friend and fellow campaigner Xavier, concerning the Gay Eaters for Jesus (or GEFJ)

Now being as the campaign FOR civil unions is not an exclusive campaign (cruise) committee, made up from differing sexualities, including my heterosexual self - I was a bit disappointed with the exclusionary title for the Eaters for Jesus.

I had already made up my mind to join an eating group - but now feel left out. I even had 2 extra helpings of my partners mothers' dinner last night and then some strawberries and ice cream to make up for the hungry MP Paul Adams and the famished fasting pastor.

I guess I may have to start up my own pressure group. Either in support of the GEFJ or maybe a totally new 'Convinced Hetros Eat Well For Obviously Obfuscating Dickheads'


  • Oh, honey I'm sorry for excluding you. Gay Eaters for Jesus is an inclusive group. Gay in this instance you can interpret as happy. But I do like the CHEWFOOD Acronym. Lovely.

    By Blogger Xavier, at 7:28 pm  

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