Friday, December 03, 2004

Douglas and Quigley quit ACT

I am not surprised considering Roger expressed his displeasure with Hide as leader.

I mean he even had to go to the extent of writing a ‘what we are doing wrong and where the right should be heading’ piece in the Sunday Star Times recently.

Guess they don’t want to be associated with a failure come next election when ACT looks like it will bow out of national politics.

Maybe they were pissed at “The Liberal Party” only being half liberal when it comes to socially liberal legislation like the CUB

Douglas is saying that he is leaving in part due to ACT losing its direction and says it should get back to talking about quality healthcare and education. But I guess when that means privatisation and privatisation, and the National party is continually stealing all those kinds of policies - your party can only get traction with side issues like trying to hang Tamihere or as Douglas put it: becoming a front office of the Serious Fraud Office.

The proverbial rats leaving the proverbial sinking ship…


  • thanks Connor - I have been a bit out of news contact the last two days (to the point where I had to call my parents last night to find out about the CUB! which was difficult as Dad answered the phone...)

    Very interesting indeed.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say rats and sinking ships, being in the Alliance we have had a few of these incidents. What it may be related to is generational conflict within the party - Prebble too would be of the same cohort as Douglas and Quigley after all.

    By Blogger Span, at 5:07 pm  

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