Saturday, December 18, 2004

Its their earth too.

I admire the stance taken by the father of the boy who was killed by a shark recently in Australia.

Philip Peterson today visited West Beach with his wife Leonie to see where their son died. He said the decision to destroy the shark was "out of my hands". "We acknowledge that the sea is, in fact, the shark's domain. "We don't, and I certainly personally don't, advocate the indiscriminate killing of any shark. They are to be admired, appreciated and respected, and Nick knew that."

I agree, it is their earth too of course. You maybe able to make an argument that the shark should be sacrificed if it dares to come to close to beaches where humans are swimming... but the boy was taken hundreds of meters of shore. He was in the sharks environment.

I hope it isn't killed in some sort of humans are on top retribution.


  • Very true Conor - I have mentioned this at about town (where you are very slack at posting). I just wanted to point out that even in shore is the shark's territory also - sharks often come in to 50 or 60 metres off shore to hunt young seals and sea-lions. People just need to be aware of that and take precautions. Sharks are just another hazard of the water like rips, undertows and currents. You just need to know how to deal with the hazards rather than going crazy and killing them. You do that, and entire ecosystems crumble.

    By Blogger Xavier, at 5:46 pm  

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