Saturday, December 18, 2004

The last debate

David Farrar states that Labour blinked first by moving the motion to adjourn for the year. I don't know about whether you consider it blinking considering the amount of contentious legislation they have got out the way. Nothing like leaving a some non-controversial boring legislation on the books at the beginning of an election year so the government can focus on all the goodies in the lead up to the election.

I listened to the adjournment debate and as always it was a classic with all sides tearing strips off each other and then thanking all the parliamentary staff, families etc. (More here)
It was pleasing to hear all the MPs acknowledge Jonathan Hunt. He has listened to 32 adjournment debates - amazing.

The most toe-curling speech was given by Don Brash. I have heard he was bad in the house but even being a avid listener to 882am (geek) I hardly hear him. Given he does ask the initial question at question time now and again, but he is not quick, never sure of himself and doesn't follow through - leaving that to other members and other parties.
Yesterday he was terrible. The amount of interjecting from fired up government members and National members seeking to back their man was immense.
Brash would start with lines like "Eerrrr Helen needs a break because she is tired" resulting in hysterical sustained laughter
"This has been a government of flip-flops" Ditto.
"The economy is in good shape but...but..." You get the picture.
The worst part of the performance is in his seeming inability to control the debate, where a sharper peformer may have more luck.

He consistently needed to rely on the speaker to maintain order and allow him to continue.

Does not bode well for him going into the heat of the election year.


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