Thursday, December 16, 2004

Not enough experience!!?!???!

It had to happen. Bleating about the appointment of the new speaker I mean.

Well blow me down. Of course all this bluster is simply that the right do not like Wilson. She is tough. She is hard. She gets things done that the right do not like. You may not like what she has achieved but she has bloody well achieved it. I personally think she will be a good speaker, putting that tough mindedness and law background to good use.

Today on Nat Rad I heard Ken Shirley complain that the new speaker that the new speaker doesn't have enough parliamentary experience since she only arrived in 1999
Other ACT and National MPs complain that she has never been a whip, never been a backbencher and thus simply does not have enough experience to do such an important job.

Sorry but who do you want to replace Helen Clark for the most important job in Parliament????

Don Brash who has only been in parliament since 2002

Come on....


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