Friday, December 10, 2004

Political intrigue

What a bloody interesting week in politics.

Firstly congratulation to all those involved on the Civil Union Campaign. Very well done and very well earned. It was great to be involved in what was essentially an E-campaign. Online e-groups to keep people updated. E-petitions. Blogs. Email wizards. Email updates. Media. It was all very modern, nay a post modern campaign with an independent and variable structure which was populated with some of the most committed, clever and interesting people I have met. Tim Barnett thanked Michael Wallmansberger in his final speech and I wanted to do the same here. Michael was the facilitator of the Auckland campaign and took on a HUGE amount of work in organising and carrying the campaign up here. Unfortunately I cannot come to your celebration party as I will be out with Kates family, but I look forward to catching up. Well done.

I listened to the final speeches on the wireless in AUSA president Kates office at Uni, with the Gay Eaters for Jesus and assorted members of CHEWFOOD. We had a couple of wines, beers and then bubbles when it passed. Then a few of us went out for dinner and finally a drink at the good old London Bar. Speaking of London, Kate is off there to a conference and a holiday. She is staying with my younger brother. I look forward to hearing reports from her about his place when she gets back. Have a nice time my dear.

Speaking of London again, I had lunch with the grandfather of the house Jonathan Hunt today. My Kate and I are helping him move into his new place and we have the job of unloading his 60-70 boxes of books and ordering them, phew. The books accompany many assorted pamphlets and brochures of a numerous nature. Its very interesting looking througt it all, but its a big job. I offered my brothers couch to Jonathan if he needs somewhere in London to crash when he gets there...

And now I see Don has changed his tune on 4 weeks annual leave!!??!??!? That guy is all over the place. Cullen points it out best here. Who knows what he is going to say next. I am waiting for the announcement on state owned assets being retained, increased funding for state healthcare, better welfare provisioning and retaining income related rents.
You never know, no one was picking this change a month ago. I very good time for him to announce it - on the final day of the civil union debate and the day Zaoui gets out.

I am glad Zaoui is out on bail. Being friends with many people involved on his case outlined to me the toll that the uncertainty of his incarceration has had on the man.
He is of course the victim of crap legislation and one hopes that the rest of the process is worked through quickly.

I am off now to watch the cricket. Golly I love cricket.

I am looking forward to enjoying the second innings in a pub later on tonight. I am also looking forward to going home at the end of the night not stinking like death-artery-poison-cancer-nicotine injections (Smokes) I am looking forward to my throat not burning after breathing in peoples smoke. I am also looking forward to the lessening of the temptation to partake in the glorious joy of inhaling that smooth warm smoke perfectly accompanying a glass of Guinness...


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