Monday, January 24, 2005

A big day not a bad day.

Went to the Big Day Out on Friday. I had forgotten just how tiring 12 hours of sun, fun and music is. It was nice to get home at the end of the night and share a whisky and stories with Kate and David. I loved the Chemical Brothers and enjoyed the way they mixed in heaps of samples of their back catalog into their set without it sounding like a greatest hits album. They changed it around enough so that the sound was interesting and new, whilst reflective and familiar.

I also caught Kid606 - an errant electronica producer with a flare for self indulgence and noise. It was an interesting show.

I did notice that the crowd didn't seem so packed in this year and put that down to the opening of the eastern stand which must have sucked a few thousand out of the crowd.

I also noticed that the papers and news the next day focused on the fact that there where 6 arrests and that 7 people went to hospital.
Oh and it could be those evil party pills that did the business.

Funny how they focus on such things.

I mean 40,000 young people turn out in the sun for 12 hours and only a handful end up in some kind of state and that is the news that is reported.

Compare that to an All Black test where 40,000 adults turn up, drink piss at the game, get boozey in the stands and pick a fight with some guy three rows in front that could have given them the eye. At least twice as many people are thrown out of the game as the BDO, and many more end up as out of it as some of the more exuberant music punters. The rugby hordes then descend on the pubs to continue the drinking session and god help the wives of some of the men in this country if the AB's loose.

In the papers the next day do you hear how society nearly collapsed the day before because of the dozens of arrests, the large amounts of intoxication and the violence? Not usually.
But annually though, along with usually terribly crap reviews, the news media focuses on an incredibly small amount of problems that accompany the Big Day Out.

I take my hat off to the organisers for another successful event.


  • Ahhh the BDO, such fond memories. Think it was the '03 one I went to with you and your brother. Didn't Haydo get lost on the way there, and then when we find him he's handing out free energy lollipops at the gate? Jurassic 5 kicked everyone's ass that year, although inadvertently finding myself in the front row of System of Down after they switched stages was an experience...

    By Blogger Rob, at 8:29 am  

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