Sunday, January 09, 2005

Cant have it both ways.

Hey righty - I had a thought reading some of your types blogs - you cant have it both ways.

You cant on the one hand continuously call this Labour government "socialist'
and on the other hand brand the fantastic economic success of the past 5 years as being wholly due to the neo-liberal economic reforms of the 80/90's...

Some consistency please.


  • It isn't inconsistant, they merely claim that current sucesses are despite the present government, and would be better if they were in charge.

    It's not true, but its not inconsistant.

    What is true is that Labour has not repealed most of the major macro-economic measures, for example keeping inflation between 0-3%.

    Playing Devils Advocate,

    By Blogger Moneo, at 12:28 am  

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