Thursday, January 20, 2005

Could you kill your Mum?

Driving home this afternoon I inevitably flicked through the radio stations. Scanning over the talkback stations they where hitting the death penalty buttons due to the recent terrible murder of Mona Morriss.

Whilst her killing is so so sad, killing other people is not the way to fix it.

I wanted to ring up to ask the armchair executioners a question.

If you want the death penelty back you have to accept that once in a while you are going to get it wrong and execute an innocent person.

For this reason alone, I would have thought that people would reject capital punishment.

If you dont, then I would like you to consider this:

Would you support capital punishment if we could theoretically ensure that everybody who ended up being executed was guilty - on the one proviso: that now and again the state had to randomly select one innocent person to sacrific?

I mean if you support the death penelity now you kind of already do.

Would you still support killing all the murders if the first 'innocent mistake' was to be your own mother?

(More information on killing innocents here)


  • I think the death penalty is a difficult thing, and I am generally against it (I don't believe in detterance theory) but some crimes seem so horrific you would be hard-pressed to say any other sentance was justice.

    The states role is not to punish, or sit in moral judgement, but to simply pass judgement on the facts as they are determined and enact sentances that society has agreed upon. (This is why the law can sometimes be an ass, with people getting off on technicalities and others getting caught be them)

    I believe that even in the worst cases our prison policy should be based on rehabilitation, not punishment.

    By Blogger Moneo, at 2:45 am  

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