Sunday, January 09, 2005

Home again, home again...

Back home at the end of Young Labours Clarion Tour and I have that feeling, you know that one that says it is sad to be home yet it is good to be back in comfortable familiar surroundings...
It was good to see my lovely Kate again. She did inform me that my little jaunt on the tour is the longest break we have had apart since I came up to Auckland.

And so tomorrow along with countless others of you I will be heading into work, albeit a different job to any I have had before and that is being the Vice President of AUSA for 2005

I must say I am looking forward to the opportunity of representing and serving the student body. I intend on using this blog as a way on keeping people up to date with what is happening around campus so stay tuned for the tasty tid-bits and goodies.

I do hope to get away later in the summer for a proper break. The weather will be better then and the kids go back to school in late Jan.


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