Thursday, January 20, 2005

Interesting Politics Seminar

Here at Auckland University the Politics Department holds a number of interesting seminars from time to time. I'll post the details of them when they pop up. This one appeared in my inbox today.

Civil Society: A Name for Starting Over
Monday 24 Jan 2005
Prof J.A.W. Gunn

Political Studies

James Henare House, 18 Wynyard Street


Political Studies Department - Ext. 84870

Professor J. A. W. Gunn, Professor of Political Studies, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. Professor Gunn has worked and published extensively on early modern political theory in Britain and France and has also played a leading role in a project based at Queen's that focussed on issues bearing on the movement from non-democratic to democratic regimes. His paper has developed from a study of the conditions for democratic government in the Ukraine and is particularly timely given recent developments in that country.

Biographical Note:
J.A.W. "Jock" Gunn (D.Phil. Oxon.) has recently retired, as Sir Edward Peacock professor, after forty years service to the University. Appointed full professor in 1970, he was Head of Department 1975-83 and was elected to the Royal Society of Canada in 1983. He does the history of thought, chiefly British and French, and is interested too in social-science theories and political philosophy. Scholarly editing, with Disraeli (letters) and Hume (essays, forthcoming) is another interest. Just out is an entry for Disraeli in the Thoemmes Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century British Philosophers; appearing soon a review article on Isaiah Berlin in Clio. Recently completed is a work provisionally called "Lessons in Civil Disagreement: Party and Opposition in the French Restoration". The third part of a proposed triptych on French political ideas will treat the 19th-century problem of inauthentic government. Supervisor of some 15 Ph.D. theses, his passion in education has been helping people to say what they mean in readable English. (Source: Queen's University).


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