Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Loos for all.

I am back at AUSA house now - beginning the year as AVP

Inevitably the conversation with other exec members has run over the recent controversy of our well meaning university installing squat toilets to the relief of our Asian international arrivals.

I have moved on from my earlier view that this is a waste of time and resources to a point of acceptance - on the proviso that toilets from all nationalities are installed.

I am especially looking forward to the German sit down loos with the 'shelf'. Whilst others are repulsed by the shelf I love it as it ensures zero splash back and the chance to check out your prize before it is whisked away to the Waitemata harbour.


  • I love the shelf loos! I remember my first experience of one of those with my host family in Ravensburg. It was great. Brings out the scatological autovoyeur in all of us. And no splashback OR embarassing 'Plop'. Bring 'em!

    By Blogger Xavier, at 11:42 pm  

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