Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Not the time nor the place.

In the wake of the Asian Tsunami you have to hand it to the leaders of our right wing parties when it comes to point scoring.

Today in the Herald there was a letter from Rodney Hide berating Helen Clark for not stating publicly that the US is doing a good job at the relief effort, putting this non-disclosure down to the fact that she is simply anti-American. Rodney, everyone knows that the US is doing a good job - amongst dozens of other countries. I fail to see how a well-done stamp on the hand from NZ is going to do any good. No right turn has a list of donor countries that by Hides reasoning should also be officially thanked. No wonder that man will be looking for a new job at the end of the year.

Also I note Don Brash returns from putting his feet up in Hawaii (and no doubtable moaning to any yank that he comes across about our nuclear free policy), to label our aid contribution ’inadequate’ Well $10 million up front was not a bad response in the immediacy after the waves. Obviously as the scale of the disaster became apparent one would look for an increase in our contribution which is what seems to be happening. I would not expect that the minister on duty over the break should start writing hundreds of millions of dollars in cheques simply due to political expediency and am glad that the next cabinet meeting will be the place where the decision on NZ’s aid contribution is made.

I also now wait with baited breath the right wing bloggers feigned outrage at Brash’s absence from the country in such an important time.

I am also glad that the government has decided on a national day of mourning.

Lets hope the political games from all sides can stop there too.


  • Brash must be comparing New Zealand with Australia again, well why dont we outdo them and put up One Billion dollars for aid relief. It can come from the super fund and thus would be in line with Nationals 'say one thing one minute and change it the next' policy position on that issue.

    I am still rather cynical of all these aid pledges at the moment, as I am thinking back to the aftermath of the Bamm earthquake where over 30,000 people died. At the time over one billion dollars was pledged in aid from various governments and yet it was estimated that only 17 million dollars (or therabouts) actually reached the devastated city

    By Blogger Brendon, at 4:44 pm  

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