Monday, February 07, 2005

Act effectively throws in election towel.

Aside from the idea that after 5 and a half years of a Labour government contributing nothing to New Zealand's economy... this weeks 'Letter' from the ACT party contains a revealing paragraph on their view of the election outcome.

The ACT party states:

IT'S THE ECONOMY Last year's 4.5% growth was the second highest in the OECD, the last five years have been amongst the best economically in most voters lifetimes. While economists point out that the foundations were laid in the Douglas/Richardson reforms, it's the government of the day that claims the credit. The Labour government is not doing everything wrong economically. It is passing free trade agreements and has left much of the reforms in place. Governments are hard to beat when the economy is growing.

Such a defeatist view from a party I once use to listen to say that it looked forward to being in government with its 9th MP (Iti's mate Brash) as the Prime Minister.

Look for the ACT 'Letter' that comes out at the end of September with one of their 'we told you so, the Letter predicted way back in February that Labour would win because of the way they managed the economy' self referential rants. Well, we will have to see - there may not be a September ACT 'Letter' - they may have reverted to a sweaty male university debating club.

Defeat so far out? Have a bit of heart, you still have a huge election campaign budget to get through.


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