Thursday, February 03, 2005


Jordan has a post on an 'own-goal' from Mark Blumsky - his candidate's opponent in the Wellington central race.

It basically centres around Mr Blumsky not getting his facts right regarding the Labour governments Wellington region transport package.

Now many of the right wing bloggers seem to think that Wellington Central is a marginal electorate, admittedly I did too when I first heard that Blumsky has been selected.
I mean an ex-mayor with a high profile, seemed an excellent choice.

However I have changed from that initial reaction for a few reasons.

Firstly, the good people of Wellington central are public servants who remember the hatchet job the National party did on them in the 1990's and know that it is this Labour government that is rebuilding their public sector.
Secondly, the good people of Wellington central are a liberal lot. I don’t think they would be too happy with the ex-prez of the Untied Fundies as their representative in parliament.
Thirdly, Jordan's post - regarding the fact that Blumsky seemingly does not have a handle on local issues.
Fourthly, the Wellington LEC is pretty shit hot.
Fifthly, Marion is an excellent campaigner.

But mostly sixthly, I saw Mark Blumsky in action for the first time at the recent NZUSA conference I attended. He was part of a panel discussion that discussed the state of NZ politics and was very interesting. Professor Margaret Clark and Michael Appleton ex-salient editor and now in the Greens media unit led the way. After Blumsky began to speak I felt more confident about Welly central staying red. He was all over the place, I cannot remember exactly what he was saying, just that he said it badly. Getting up in front of the crowd and trotting out the line that National is somehow going to miraculously sweep back into government seemed silly. This was after Clark and Appleton had given such a strong and convincing line on the state of the nation and the fact that this election looks as if it will again turn into a "who will be in coalition with Labour", it was fairyland stuff verses political realism. I guess you cant blame him. He seemed to sway into criticising the student loan scheme noting the huge problems an indebted generation will cause the country. I guess he was trying to reach out to the crowd, yet every single person in the crowd knew that if National somehow manages to get to the treasury benches then students are once again fucked.

The contrast with the late arriving Stephen Franks was obvious, he knew most of us didn’t agree with him, but he took us on, head on. Blumsky fluffed about and looked incompetent. I think I even noticed his campaign manager's eyes widen at some of the dribble that was coming out of his candidates mouth. It was embarrassing. I wish I had a camera, you should have seen Mark's face (and David's) when the rest of the panel and crowd either tore the National party to shreds or consigned them to irrelevancy come time to form the next government.

He looked like he was sucking a lemon - hard.

It seemed to me to be some kind of realisation of the position and reality of his situation had set in. I think being surrounded by yes men has not done this candidate very much good.

I wondered if my observations had been simply one-eyed and what I wanted to see...
I believe my position was justified when one of the academics present noted to me that 'Blumsky has a lot to learn doesn’t he?'

Yes he does have a lot to learn, and I don’t think he will be learning it as the candidate for Wellington central.


  • Conor - don't you dare ascribe reactions to me which are lies. Shame.

    By Blogger David Farrar, at 12:08 am  

  • David it was just an observation. Of course I could be wrong about yourself, but I doubt I am wrong about Mark.

    By Blogger Constar, at 10:30 am  

  • Yeah David didn't defend Mark there which he really should be doing if he wants Mark to win.

    By Blogger Greg Stephens, at 9:27 pm  

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