Sunday, February 13, 2005

You have to wonder what is going through the mind of Don Brash's chief adviser or "Parliamentary Assistant to the Leader of the Opposition " when he comes out with email newsletters like this one.

Understandably Jordan and Xavier take issue with his musings.

I mean this guy is off the planet.

I guess when the headline says: "Sisterhood Markets Homosexuality" you had better be weary about what rant is about to take place.

He then goes on to declare that we do not need to worry about which team the McCully team is batting for by stating that the people of display "unambiguously and rampantly heterosexual proclivities" Rampantly eh? Being a heterosexual myself I find myself drawn to their office. Sounds like fun in there! Any jobs going?

Anyway, "We are now well past the debate on legalisation of homosexuality. And all manner of protections from discrimination against gays now exist in the law of the land." Good eh? People not judged about what they get up to in the bedroom. I'd agree with that. Always seems funny to me that Tories are so quick to moan about the government in our lives but then seem to see fit to judge what people do in their bedrooms.

"Cynics suggest that its subliminal message is clearly that homosexuality is officially endorsed by the Government of the land (which has gone to the trouble of buying the ad) as one of the lifestyle options to be carefully considered by young people." What the hell? I can only guess that you are one of the cynics you refer too... So you don't think that young people already carefully consider their sexuality? I guess that you mean to say that people simply make up their mind on their sexuality over their morning bowl of cornflakes and that the socialist government is trying to destroy the family so as to bring about the revolution...

"Above all else, the ad will simply cause offence to many people. The ad is being pushed hardest on TV2, where the largest audience of young people is to be found." So I guess the ad causes offence to you Murray. It must disturb you that there are people out there continuously performing sodomy. That people you know could even be doing it too. Its a shame your email newsletter didn’t deal with the problems of rising sexually transmitted infections but rather cheap populist point scoring crap.

"The Sisterhood will no doubt defend the advertisement on the basis that it delivers a health message." Aside from the fact that I doubt that Helen had much to do with the ad, yes I am sure that the sisterhood would agree that trying to get people to wear condoms is a good idea. Whilst Xavier and Murray don’t like the 'No rubba, no hubba hubba' slogan, I do. I am sure they must have focused grouped it with the target audience so it was probably the best they could come up with. I am also grateful that another slogan has been added to our lexicon, this has given rise to many humorous pisstakes...

"But they could easily have done that without graphic depictions of sexual encounters of any kind." Umm, two people kissing on a couch counts as graphic depictions of sexual encounters? Maybe working at wouldn’t be as exciting as I first thought.

"And they certainly did not need to spend taxpayers’ cash rarking up the very un-gay folks at the worldwide headquarters."

I cannot fathom why any homosexual person would ever vote for the National party. The good folks at rainbow labour shouldn’t have a hard time convincing their communities that the National party doesn’t give a shit about them. McCully was surely instrumental in having the Don renege on his support for the civil union bill.

I wonder if it was one of McCully's mates that walked into the lions den of the Big Gay Out proclaiming sodomy to be a perversion. If not then it should be remembered that this guy seemingly shares the same sort of views about a part of our community as Mr McCully.

Whoever elevated the narrowminded and seemingly intolerant McCully to be the strategist for the National party has done my party a huge favour. Thinking about it I believe that McCully simply believes that some kind of conservative backlash a la United States is going to take root here and thrust him and his other arch-conservatives into office. I happily believe that he is wrong. New Zealand is not narrowminded and intolerant.


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