Sunday, February 06, 2005

Room for rent

Righty I spent my weekend looking for a new abode. Obviously this blog didn't help judging by the non-reaction to my post requesting an apartment. But never fear Kate and I have found a fantastic place in Grafton not 10 minutes from Uni which will be handy in what looks to be an incredibly busy year.

Alas I have to leave my humble abode in lovely Arch Hill. My flatmates will of course miss me for a few minutes before the realisation that they need someone new sets in. Therefore I have donated a couple of lines on this blog forum to offer a room for rent. Its a double sized room, suit fun loving friendly female. $130 per week inc. power and water, close to Great North Road. Call 3760103 if you are interested.

Oh and if any of you are looking to get rid of a couch and/or dining table and chairs in reasonable condition I'd love to take it off your hands for our new place.

I hate flathunting.


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